Apple iPhone X now available unlocked and SIM

Apple is Now Selling the iPhone X SIM-Free and Unlocked in the United States

Apple starts selling the iPhone X unlocked and SIM-free in the US

An unlocked SIM-free iPhone is attractive for travelers who might want to use their iPhone overseas with a local SIM card.

Therefore, if you're an AT&T or T-Mobile customer interested in Apple's latest and greatest smartphone, we suggest you consider buying an unlocked unit, then adding it to your network of choice later, if you can afford it.

This means that you can buy an iPhone from Apple without specifying which carrier you'd like to use it on.

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You can purchase the iPhone X from the link below...

Apple is now selling versions of the high-end iPhone X that have no traditional subscriber identity module, or SIM, card and is instead using an embedded electronic version of the device.

Apple quietly began offering a new SIM-free unlocked model of the iPhone X last night. The SIM-free iPhone sold on and at the Apple Store is unlocked.

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Now, wireless customers who prefer to stay off-contract or avoid one of the four major carriers can get in on the fun too, as Apple has just launched a SIM-free version of the iPhone X.

According to, Apple says it will deliver the SIM-free version of the iPhone X by December 12 - in line with other versions of the device. If you're close to an Apple store, you can pick your order up on Tuesday. If you chose to skip carrier activation at the time of purchase, you'll need to insert an active SIM card or contact a carrier to set up an account.

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