Google adds more browsing security to your Android device

Safe Browsing warnings will appear

Safe Browsing warnings will appear"on apps and on websites leading to apps that collect a user's personal data without their consent. Google

There are apps that need personal user data (such as user phone number or email), or device data (MAC addresses, device name, model, and model number).

The Google Safe Browsing team is putting this requirement up on Google Play, and even on non-Google Play markets.

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These requirements will apply during all instances when the app has to collect personal or device data from the user. The rules stipulate that any form of data collection could trigger a Safe Browsing warning, including activity where the developer is using it to improve an app. Information uploaded as part of application logs or crash reports could result in a flag for the publisher if it contains user details that haven't been disclosed.

Google is continuing to tighten the rules when it comes to ads that appear in Android apps and is warning developers to be more clear about their programs' data collection behavior. This will reveal the data being consumed by the app that is being run at the moment. There's also a Data Saver kill switch that will shut down all mobile data at a tap. This will apply at all times; for instance, the list of installed apps on your device can not be sent from your device during a crash report without consent.

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More importantly, this policy will extend to apps that have not been downloaded from the Google Play Store. Developers should refer to the Unwanted Software Help Center.

Once the user has installed the app on their Android device, the app will need to prompt a privacy policy that explicitly mentions what kind of data it procures from the user. And it's not just data-Datally could save your phone's battery life, too, by identifying apps that are doing too much when you're not using them.

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It must also be displayed within the normal usage of the app and not be buried in settings. Prior to the launch of Datally, Google has also launched a storage management app targeting the emerging markets. App developers caught by the new Safe Browsing warnings can request an app review on the App Verifications and Appeals support page.

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