Consuming cheese every day may reduce heart stroke risk

Calcium-rich food could reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and stroke

Calcium-rich food could reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and stroke

Cheese is also rich in calcium which is good for bones.

A team of worldwide researchers lead by Reading University revealed in April that eating dairy does not raise the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Soochow University has now found that cheese raises levels of so-called "good" cholesterol while reducing levels of "bad" cholesterol.

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In a report on their findings researchers said: "Cheese contains saturated fatty acids but also has potentially beneficial nutrients".

A recent analysis on a series of studies on the correlation between diet and heart disease brings great news for cheese lovers. In addition, with the maintenance of cholesterol and fat in the body the risk of cardiovascular disease has been decreased.

A study found that having a morning meal triggers the body's fat cells to eat up sugar rather than store it. According to official guidelines, an adult should get at least 2.5 serves of dairy every day, with one serve being 40 grams of cheese.

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Similarly, the research also didn't take into account people who have drastically altered their diets over time so it's probably likely that those who were eating the 40 grams of cheese were just healthier in general. The results are soon to come in to the picture after a research showed that cheese is associated with the higher life expectancy. Consuming a portion of cheesy goodness every day can cut the risk of developing heart disease and suffering a cardiac event by 14 percent. "The biggest element in cheese appears to be the close association between calcium and fat".

He also added, "There is a connection between the fat and calcium which makes the fat less digestible".

The team's findings did not go as far as the Chinese study by saying it boosts heart health but said dairy only has a "neutral" impact.

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