25 years since first text message received on mobile phone

The attempt to access an iPhone was made via a text message

Image Texts have been superseded by WhatsApp Facebook Messenger and iMessage

Although, sending SMS using sim card over mobile is outdated, yet texting is still live, no matter which app you are using.

The first SMS (Short Message Service), or text message, was sent from a computer to a mobile phone on December 3, 1992 by Neil Papworth. Papworth, who was only 22 at that time, was working as a software programmer with Sema group and he was involved with the development of software for his client. Jarvis received it at while at the company's holiday party. SMS-capable phones were only just available in 1993, but as mobile phones became more popular, texting skyrocketed.

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That first SMS (it stands for short message service) wasn't even sent on a mobile phone. That honor (or blame) falls on Matti Makkonen, who initially suggested the idea back in 1984 at a telecommunications conference. First it had to be incorporated into the then-budding GSM standard.

Today, about 97 percent of smartphone owners use text messaging, according to Pew Research, and along the way, a new set of sub-languages based on abbreviations has eveloved. The emoticons symbols made from keyboard characters to show emotions were also used.

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"It was limited to 160 characters, but no one had yet invented text speak (txt spk) or emojis, and you could only send those very first texts from a computer to a phone, not the other way round". Moreover, the emergence of SMS has given a big boost to emojis and messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram, which are used by millions.

Finally, EDN above notes The Emily Post Institute offers Texting Manners advice, while texting and driving can be more risky than drink driving.

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