Tesla Unveils A Glorified Mobile Powerbank For $45

The powerbank comes with 3,350mAh capacity

The powerbank comes with 3,350mAh capacity

Another new addition is the Desktop Supercharger, a tiny version of the actual Supercharger - in case you want to pretend your phone is a Tesla auto, I presume.

The Tesla Powerbank has an integrated USB and Apple Lightning cable connector, as well as a detachable micro USB but doesn't come with a USB-C attachment. The power bank uses the same 18650 cell used in its cars including Model X and Model S but of course, the cars use more than 1 cells.

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The power bank was designed keeping the Tesla Design Studio's Supercharger in mind, and could certainly take its place of honor inside one of Tesla's cars. The Tesla powerbank is available only in United States as of now and can be ordered from the company's official website.

Given that Tesla as a company is known for its innovations in the world of electric energy, we would expect its power bank offering to be experimental too, but at the moment it looks more like a memento for Tesla fans rather than a must-have power bank.

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Thankfully, if you're unable or unwilling to spend the cost of a house on a vehicle, there's now a Tesla product we can all obtain without breaking the bank. The Tesla Powerbank will set you back $45 and only now ships in the U.S. and Canada. The concise, powerful package is unsurprising when one takes into account the fact that Tesla owns a Gigafactory that churns out batteries. As of this writing, the PowerBank is already out of stock. The company says that this is a scaled down model of its actual Superchargers that Tesla auto owners use to charge their vehicles. With such capacity, the device can charge an Android smartphone just once, or maybe less in some cases. The devices and is priced at $45, which roughly translates to Rs 3,000.

Along with the PowerBank, Tesla has also launched a Desktop Supercharger for the same price.

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