Facebook Takes Another Step Against Fake News by Introducing the Trust Indicators

Trust Indicators let you know more about a publisher on Facebook

Tech giants, publishers will display standardized 'trust indicators' to fight fake news

The standards also help clarify if the story is news or opinion, as well as who owns the news site publishing the story, and other information that can help a reader understand whether the story is fake news or based on authentic, factual journalism.

Facebook, Google, Twitter Inc. and Microsoft Corp.'s Bing have all agreed to use the new trust indicator system on their platforms, but so far only Facebook appears to have actually implemented the system.

Fake news is one of the biggest problems on the internet today.

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Santa Clara University's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is hosting the Trust Project.

The initial publishers that will be going live this month include the BBC, spa, The Economist, The Globe and Mail, Hearst Television, The Washington Post, The New York Times, etc.

"At a time when the public's trust in news is declining in much of the world, the news industry is launching a new set of transparency standards that help people easily assess the quality and reliability of journalism", the Trust Project said in a November 16 statement.

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The Trust Project has also been working with the Institute for Nonprofit News to build and test a WordPress plug-in that allows smaller qualified outlets to participate. They offer more information about the publisher behind that story. The Trust Project's hard work follow associated attempts from leading tech companies, like Facebook and Google, to control the exertions with the reach of half-truths and propaganda athwart their platforms. "Once we've done that, we can analyze the information and present it directly to the user in our various products". "I want to be able to read a piece of news and know who's behind it, where the information comes from, and the reporting values of the news organization", said Craiglist founder Craig Newmark, whose philanthropic fund is helping fund this offensive on fake news called The Trust Project. "Some possible treatments could include using the "Type of Work" indicator to improve the accuracy of article labels in Google News, and indicators such as "Best Practices" and "Author Info" in our Knowledge Panels", he said. Facebook first began testing a similar feature in October, but the new button will use the Trust Project's data on publishers. Publishers can choose to share their ethics policy, corrections policy, fact-checking policy, ownership structure, and masthead, according to Facebook, which said it kicking things off with a few publishers.

A group of media publishers and tech giants hope that it's about to become a bit easier through the introduction of "Trust Indicators" on their content that will enable readers to determine the reliability of their content. The company will broaden the number of trust indicators that will be available for clicking on New Feed.

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