Middle-earth: Shadow of War is getting some free content soon

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gives Back to Fans With Upcoming Free Content

Middle-earth: Shadow of War DLC Plans Include Free Content, New Orc Tribes and More

Endless Siege will have you defending your Nemesis fortresses from the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron as he strives to reclaim Mordor, while Rebellion will have you crushing attempts from within to undermine the Bright Lord, pitting you against turncoat Ologs and Uruks.

Next week's DLC inventory will include 3 Free DLCs that feature new content and an updated Photo Mode.

Exact release dates for Middle-earth: Shadow of War's free, post-release content was provided today by Warner. "Capture every battle and siege and apply new filters, frames and textures with Enhanced Photo Mode update". The Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion is included in the Season Pass which is now $39.99. The new difficulty setting is coming on December 12, 2017. The Expansion Pass is now available for $39.99 alone and is also included in the game's Gold Edition.

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Online Fight Pits - Powerful rewards and upgrades can be won when players challenge another player's Orc follower, Overlord vs. Overlord, to a fight to the death in the arena.

On December 12th, players will get a taste of the most hard challenge to date in Brutal Difficulty.

More free content will be released between December and May of 2018. Also on December 12th, the second premium expansion will arrive. Players will be engrossed in a richer, more personal and expansive world full of epic heroes and villains, iconic locations, original enemy types, even more personalities and a new cast of characters with untold stories.

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Warner has released details of upcoming free content updates for Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

The Slaughter Tribe and Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansions along with the Blade of Galadriel Story Expansion can be purchased separately for $14.99/£11.99 each.

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