HTC unveils Hyper Blaster and other Vive Tracker accessories

HTC Vive Tracker Bundles Hyperkin's Hyper Blaster Racket Sports Set and Rebuff Reality’s Track Strap Announced

HTC unveils Hyper Blaster and other Vive Tracker accessories

The first of these is likely to capture the interest of gaming giant Nintendo, and not in any positive way: The Hyperkin Hyper Blaster aims to provide a rebirth of the classic light-gun gaming genre which all-but died out when the cathode ray tube (CRT) displays on which the technology relied were phased out, and to do so it has opted for a pistol design which owes more than a nod to Nintendo's classic NES Zapper. For virtual reality (VR) users, a host of deals are being made available, including a set from HTC Vive.

"The Hyper Blaster will be sold exclusively through Amazon and includes Duck Season as a pack-in title, and one Vive Tracker, all for $149.99", HTC says.

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Pricing for the first Tracker-equipped accessories is, however, pretty high. It costs $99 by itself and works with dozens of games, but is also being packaged in bundles with different accessories. Standalone headsets like the upcoming Oculus Go and the just-announced HTC Vive Focus will definitely improve the experience by eliminating that pesky umbilical cord that connects you to a computer. Connected via a simple screw, the handles are integrated with five titles.

To accompany the retro look HTC is bundling the blaster with the game Duck Season, a horror game that resembles an updated version of Nintendo's classic Duck Hunt. The two accessories gave me flashbacks to a decade ago, when you couldn't walk into a game store without seeing a pile of cheap plastic tennis racket and golf club shells for your Wiimote.

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I played a quick round of table tennis and found myself turning and flipping it in my hand to get spin on the ball. This will of course be able to work in any game that has enabled full body tracking. However, HTC is committed to adding at least five more games by the end of December with another 10 coming early next year.

Finally, if you want to push your immersion a bit further, you can also pick up $25 "TrackStraps" that let you tie Vive Trackers to your arms or legs in order to allow for full-body tracking. This bundle will also cost $149.99. Priced at $24.99 for two, the straps will come with redemption codes for two games right out of the gate: Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing onSteam, inspired by Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and Audioshield.

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All of this drives up the price of VR hardware, but if you already own a Vive headset and are looking to mix things up, this is one way to level up your VR experience.

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