Warwick Davis is coming to Disney's 'Star Wars: Galactic Nights'

LUCASFILMWhile Kylo Ren's master is Snoke is Snoke's master a character called Ren

LUCASFILMWhile Kylo Ren's master is Snoke is Snoke's master a character called Ren

Embedded below, the crimson one-sheet is essentially a rearranged version of the previous IMAX poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi - for the record, the worldwide poster actually placed Rey over the entire cast (human and otherwise), much to the amusement of Mark Hamill. And finally, there's also some room on The Last Jedi's new poster to highlight the sequel's three biggest droids: BB-8, C-3PO and ol' Artoo. "There is another, '" the announcement read.

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Cavill has said that anyone who watches the film will be able to associate with the superheroes due to their humane traits. Ben Affleck , Gal Gadot , Ray Fisher , Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa in a scene from the movie Justice League .

Like Hamill, we're also a little bummed that the "Last Jedi" release date means the conspiracy theories (and Hamill trickery) are going to end, though as one fan noted, the actor doesn't necessarily have to cease his mischievous antics entirely. ("New movie, new threads!" is probably something Han Solo said at least once.) However, Rey being clad in one of Darth Vader's favorite colors - and the preferred shade of the evil Sith - seems a little more than coincidental, especially after a recent trailer hinted at temptation coming from the dark side of the Force. When the promotion of The Last Jedi concludes, fans have another change to look forward to which will allow guests to decide their adventure. As new films came out, after Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, new adventures, such as from The Force Awakens, were added.

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The distinction in the experience reportedly stems from the timeline inconsistencies, as enjoying an adventure that features Finn or Rey followed by traveling to the pod race on Tatooine from The Phantom Menace could be confusing for some guests. Another new scene for the ride is planned but has yet to be finalized. The event will take place from 7 p.m.to midnight on December 16, the day after the theatrical release of The Last Jedi.

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