Mozilla Officially Launches 'Really Fast' Firefox Quantum Browser

Firefox Quantum 57 Is Here To Kill Google Chrome: Download For Windows, Mac, Linux

Firefox Quantum arrives with faster browser engine, major visual overhaul, and Google as default search engine

A lot of work has been done, such as implementing the new CSS engine written in Rust programming language, adding parallel processing capabilities to leverage multi-core CPUs which are a common sight nowadays. A comparison video produced by Mozilla shows that Firefox Quantum can load certain popular websites such as Wikipedia faster than Google Inc.'s market leading Chrome. A new feature called Tracking Protection blocks extensive requests for online user tracking. With Quantum, it hopes to regain some of its market share and demonstrate its commitment to maintaining Firefox going forward. It's also capable of managing hundreds of tabs inside a single window, ensuring Firefox keeps up with your work. The company says it brings massive performance improvements thanks to Project Quantum, the code name Mozilla used while building next-generation architecture for a new Firefox.

Firefox Quantum has twice the speed of the old version and uses 30 percent less memory than Google Chrome, its main competitor, Business Insider reported.

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You can snag the new browser from Mozilla's site.

Google is the default search provider for Quantum in the USA and Canada, but users can select another search provider in one of more than 90 languages. It was, to Verizon, which this summer completed a $4.5 billion acquisition of the former Internet giant. the default Firefox search provider in the USA after Yahoo agreed to pay more than $300 million a year over five years - more than Google was willing to pay. And if it wasn't already clear that Mozilla owns Pocket, it is now. Starting with Firefox 57, the browser will come with a slew of new algorithms baked in to make itself twice as fast as previous versions from earlier this year. Since then, it's scratched back to 13% as of October. The biggest selling point, though, is the sheer speed of its latest update to the browser.

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And Firefox's Quantum upgrade isn't that, Gold argued. It actually worked wonders for the browser's overall performance level, but that means I'm not seeing much in the way of big gains at the moment.

"In a year from now, it will be the same all over again", Gold said, referring to Firefox's minor player status.

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Firefox Quantum is available to download now for free on desktop and mobile devices.

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