Woman says George HW Bush groped her when she was 16

Roslyn Corrigan via TIME

Roslyn Corrigan via TIME

Another woman has accused George H.W. Bush of groping her buttocks without consent - and RadarOnline.com has learned the victim was just 16 when the alleged incident happened.

Rosyln Corrigan is the sixth woman to accuse Mr Bush of inappropriately touching her in similar circumstances.

The accusations against the former president come amid the Harvey Weinstein controversy, which has brought to light how common sexual assault is in the film industry.

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Mr Bush - who served as U.S. president from 1989 to 1992, has been confined to a wheelchair for the past five years and suffers from vascular parkinsonism. "Like, "Hey dude, you shouldn't have touched me like that"?" she asked. TIME spoke with seven people who said Corrigan told them about the incident prior to the recent allegations against the former president.

"When I heard that was the reason, like, 'Oh, he's just an old man and he doesn't know any better and he's just being harmless and playful and it's just where his arm falls..."

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McGrath confirmed to CNN in October that he was referring to the David "Cop-a-Feel" joke mentioned by three of the women who have made allegations against the former president when he wrote last month's statement. "George Bush does not have it in his heart to knowingly cause anyone harm or distress, and he again apologizes to anyone he may have offended during a photo op", McGrath said in a statement.

In late October, after several other women came forward with similar stories, Mr McGrath said that Mr Bush "on occasion, has patted women's rears in what he meant to be a good-natured manner".

"We all circled around him and Barbara for a photo, and I was right next to him", she told Deadspin.

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He is standing up in the photos with Ms Corrigan, and she said the excuse that he was "senile" was "not true". "I just burst into uncontrollable sobbing", she said. I can't. I cannot sit with that. Trump said he likes to grab women by the pussy, Obama used flying robots to murder Americans and foreign civilians extrajudicially, Bush started an illegal war and torture program, Clinton is a rapist, Bush Sr.is an ass grabber and Reagan sold illegal drugs in inner cities to fund the Contras.

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