Spider-Man Spinoff Movie 'Morbius' Reportedly In The Works

The character first appeared in 'Amazing Spider Man #101,' the first issue not written by Spider co-creator Stan Lee

Jody Cortes Getty Images Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless

Dr Michael Morbius was a man suffering from a blood disease, but whilst trying to find a cure, managed to give himself a physical thirst for blood, as well as mutating his teeth into fangs.

Sony's cinematic universe based on Spider-Man characters just got a little bigger. Tentatively titled Morbius, the purported film is said to be part of Sony's cinematic Spider-Verse which would include Venom and Silver & Black.

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Tom Hardy's Venom movie is still deep in production, but Sony isn't wasting any time setting up its next Spider-Man spin-off feature film. He gained super strength and is absolutely willing to drink blood for the sake of science. This vampiric tale is being developed by Sony and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, now has Power Rangers writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama attached to its screenplay.

What route, exactly, Sony is going to go with the character is not yet known as they've declined to comment on the news. So whether you know the Living Vampire from his battles with Spider-Man in the comics, his appearance in the 90s animated series, or his anti-heroic adventures alongside the members of the Order of the Midnight Sons, or even if you don't know Morbius at all, this should come as exciting news.

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Sharpless and Sazama previously tackled vampirism with Dracula Untold, Universal's origin of the most famous vampire that starred Luke Evans.

As such, Morbius is considered somewhat of a tragic figure, with a healthy does of anti-hero to Spider-Man. Silver & Black (starring Silver Sable and Black Cat) is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and also has an October 2018 release date. It's certainly not impossible, and Sony has already demonstrated a desire to capture some of the MCU's success with its previous attempt to create spinoffs from the Amazing Spider-Man films. As the recent implosion of the Dark Universe demonstrated, fans won't line up to see a film just because it connects with other movies.

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