Russian Federation says USA providing cover for Islamic State in Syria

Russian Federation says USA providing cover for Islamic State in Syria

Russian Federation says USA providing cover for Islamic State in Syria

"The US are actually covering the ISIS combat units to recover their combat capabilities, redeploy, and use them to promote the American interests in the Middle East", the statement said.

The ministry also said that the USA coalition categorically refused to strike the retreating terrorists in spite of repeated proposals by the Russian military to conduct joint actions. In the top-right corner, you can see the beginnings of the statement from the video that claims the footage shown was work-in-progress gameplay and that all of the content shown is subject to change.

The images were later deleted from the ministry of defence's Twitter and Facebook accounts, and the ministry said several hours later that there had been a "mistake", and publishing a different set of pictures, calling them "irrefutable proof" of United States aid of IS.

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The Russian military is investigating claims that a civilian employee attached the bogus images, state-run media reported later Tuesday.

The military stood by its allegations saying "the refusal of United States command to inflict strikes on ISIL convoys on November 9 is an established fact recorded in the transcript of conversations".

Russia's Defense Ministry earlier on Tuesday published photographs that it said proved that USA forces refrained from launching airstrikes against forces of the Islamic State terror group as they fled Syria's Al Bukamal.

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Moscow has previously accused Washington of "pretending" to fight IS in Iraq, allowing jihadists into neighbouring Syria where Russian Federation and the U.S. have backed opposing sides in the bloody conflict.

"I would say the Russian Ministry of Defense statements are about as accurate as their air campaign".

If the video clip wasn't enough proof to connect the stills with the game and debunk the evidence, you'll also notice that some of the stills even have part of the developer's disclaimers left in the images. In reality, the screen caps were taken from Iraqi Air Force footage taken in 2016 and publicly available.

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