Hitman's Next Target is a Hulu Television Series

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IO Interactive

The man behind the John Wick movies has lined up his next target.

Fox 21 and Hulu are bringing the stalwart video game series to life for a television run that, according to Deadline, could serve as a flagship for the streaming service if it takes off.

Russian-Backed TV Network's Production Company Registers as Foreign Agent
Several foreign broadcasters are now registered under FARA, including Canada's CBC, Japan's NHK and China Daily. FARA was first passed in 1938 in the lead up to World War Two in an effort to combat German propaganda efforts.

I'm a little disappointed there won't be a proper follow up to Hitman: Agent 47, but seeing as how I'm one of the few who enjoyed it steering into complete video game nonsense, I totally understand.

Additionally, Kolstad will executive produce alongside Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon, with the series being overseen by Fox 21's Bert Salke, Jane Francis, Gloria Fan, and Kira Innes and Hulu's Jordan Helman. They've created some of the best stealth/action games out there with 2016's Hitman being one of the best games to release that year. The franchise has been adapted into two feature films already: 2007's Hitman, which starred Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47, and 2015's Hitman: Agent 47, in which the eponymous assassin was played by Rupert Friend.

Three-Carrier Strike Force Conducts Exercise in Western Pacific
Both operations focused on the capacity to quickly unite forces from three strike force groups because of national circumstances. Navy Carrier Strike Groups routinely deploy to the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean", according to a Navy statement.

Even through publisher turnover, Agent 47 just keeps finding ways to continue doing his job. Both are critical disasters with 15% and 9% RottenTomatoes scores respectively.

This won't be the first time that Hitman's been taken out of the gaming environment for a turn in front of the camera.

Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts throws flawless game in very different sport
Betts has pretty good form and has some pinpoint accuracy as he rolls over the third arrow from the right. Last week, Betts was the victor of a Gold Glove as the best right fielder in the American League.

Incidentally, Deadline also reports that there are now two Hitman games in development.

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