DC Comics Fires Longtime Editor Who Got Away with Sexual Harassment

Striker77/Comic Vine

Striker77/Comic Vine

Joan Hilty, another editor at DC, alleged that Berganza "grabbed her and repeatedly tried to pull her in for a kiss" in the early 2000s, reported BuzzFeed.

Berganza had worked with DC since the early 1990s, both as a writer on titles including Superman, Batman/Superman and Wednesday Comics and an editor on many of DC's highest profile launches of the past decade, including Justice League, Infinite Crisis and Blackest Night.

DC Comics has fired longtime editor Eddie Berganza after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment.

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Eddie Berganza, a high-ranking editor at DC Comics, was sacked by DC and Warner Bros. just two days after he was suspended amid claims that he forcibly kissed and groped three women.

Though neither Marsham nor Hilty reported Berganza to their supervisors or to HR after these incidents, they both, along with at least three other DC employees including Asselin, went to HR as a group with their concerns in 2010, when Berganza was being considered for the role of executive editor.

The BuzzFeed piece detailed allegations in which Liz Gehrlein Marsham, then new DC employee, said Berganza kissed and groped her at a NY bar called McGee's that was frequented by DC employees.

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The group editor of DC Comics has been fired amid allegations from three women regarding sexual harassment and assault.

The statement added that DC Comics was 'committed to eradicating harassment'. In 2012, the website Bleeding Cool published a blind item about a "senior comic book figure" at WonderCon who aggressively "tried to make out with" a woman in full view of a Bleeding Cool freelance reporter. His photo was included on the cover of Saturday's New York Daily News, alongside the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K., in an article on the recent wave of sexual misconduct allegations against powerful men in the entertainment industry, headlined "Perv Nation".

Talent said they would refuse to work with him, and that signaled the end of his tenure at the company. In light of those allegations, Berganza's work at DC had ceased while the company conducted a "review" of the accusations. It was announced by Buzzfeed that Eddie Berganza has been fired in the wake of the allegations becoming public.

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The women who made complaints against Berganza seven years ago have all sense moved on from the company.

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