UK parliament offered vote on Brexit deal

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Sky News Tory MP Anna Soubry said the Government's latest amendment to the EU withdrawal bill is"foolish

"Davis has just confirmed his new European Union withdrawal bill for the final agreement does not preclude crashing out without a deal or meaningful vote - Parliament would effectively be sidelined which makes a mockery of parliamentary sovereignty".

"Once we've reached an agreement, we will bring forward a specific piece of primary legislation to implement that agreement", David said.

However, the offer was immediately attacked by both Labour and Conservative politicians, who expressed anger that it did not give parliament any say in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

"If we don't have a withdrawal agreement we can't have a withdrawal agreement bill, full stop".

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"This confirms that the major policy set out in the withdrawal agreement will be directly implemented into United Kingdom law as primary legislation, not by secondary legislation under the withdrawal bill".

"I hope that my amendment won't be necessary but it will remain there to be debated and if necessary voted on".

Antoinette Sandbach told the Press Association: "The announcement is meaningless if, for any reason, the timetable slips beyond March 2019". David Davis also said if the United Kingdom and European Union can't agree a withdrawal deal, there will simply be no withdrawal deal bill; the United Kingdom is still on track to leave the European Union whether the deal is approved or not.

Conservative backbenchers previously warned they were ready to support an amendment demanding the UK's divorce deal is approved by an Act of Parliament.

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Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, said the Tories had performed a "significant climbdown" after David Davis, his opposite number in government, announced there would be a binding vote on any deal. With less than 24 hours before they had to defend their flawed bill to parliament they have finally backed down.

Speaking in the Commons, Conservative former minister Owen Paterson asked: "If the House of Commons votes down the new withdrawal bill, will the outcome be we still leave on March 29 2019, but without an agreement?" Davis said it would be a meaningful vote but that it would not undo the process. "However, like everything with this government the devil will be in the detail", he said.

Mr Davis, reiterating comments made previously by ministers, said: "A meaningful vote is a vote which allows you to say you want the deal or you don't want the deal, and that won't be any different".

Chris Leslie, also from the main Labour opposition, called it a "sham offer" that was "totally worthless".

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"Ministers need to do much better".

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