Recovered deleted video leads to new charges

New charges announced in hazing death of Penn State frat pledge

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In total, 27 defendants are facing charges in the case.

Piazza, an engineering student from Lebanon, New Jersey, died on February 4 after consuming a unsafe amount of alcohol and suffering fatal injuries when he tumbled down flights of stairs.

Penn State released a statement in response to Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller's announcement on Monday of new charges against former members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity in connection with the death of Timothy Piazza.

Seventeen former Beta Theta Pi members are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, simple assault, hazing, furnishing alcohol and unlawful acts relative to liquor, Parks Miller announced Monday afternoon. Experts construct the new accuses of respect to the Beta Theta Pi storm cellar reconnaissance film erased by a society part following the 19-year-old's demise.

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Miller had said at the time that she planned to refile charges and denied there was prosecutorial overreach because the more serious charges were dropped. "He never once obtained his own alcohol".

"It's time to man up, fellas, and be held accountable for your actions", Piazza's father, James, told reporters during the news conference, as his voice cracked with emotion.

The judge let stand lesser charges against them and six others, but dismissed other charges altogether against four of the members of the fraternity.

"Tim was a happy and caring human being and a wonderful son who just wanted to join an organization to find friendships and camaraderie".

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"We have spent the last eight months wondering how this could happen", he said.

After State College Police further examined one of the DVR surveillance boxes, police say they uncovered evidence that the basement camera footage had been manually deleted as police were ready to seize the recording equipment. Instead he was killed at the hands of those he was seeking friendship from.

Piazza died after being forced to drink a toxic amount of alcohol in an alleged hazing ritual known as "the gauntlet" on February 2.

Piazza participated in a booze-fueled hazing ritual at the fraternity in 2017, then later tumbled into the basement and hit his head - but the brothers waited 12 hours before calling an ambulance. Surveillance footage previously played in court shows Piazza falling repeatedly, including down a flight of stairs, after the February 2 event.

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