N. Korea blasts Trump's 'warmonger' Asia tour

N. Korea blasts Trump's 'warmonger' Asia tour

N. Korea blasts Trump's 'warmonger' Asia tour

Kim's regime has continued to carry out nuclear and ballistic missile tests despite widespread global condemnation and a series of crippling sanctions aimed at strangling the state's cash sources.

Trump's visit to Beijing last week Xi reiterated that China would strive for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula but offered no hint it would change tack on North Korea, with which it fought side by side in the 1950-53 Korean war against USA -led forces.

Trump continued to push his harsh rhetoric for North Korea on Sunday, telling reporters that "the world has been provoked" by the rogue nation.

Trump, whose key former aides are under the U.S. investigation for possible collaboration with the Kremlin, said he had repeatedly asked Putin about the claims during their chats in Danang.

His next stop is the Philippines for a two-day visit that will include an ASEAN summit of Southeast Asian leaders, capping off the 11 day visit to Asia.

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United States president Donald Trump took his verbal jousting with Kim Jong-un to a new level on Sunday, taunting the North Korean leader over his height and weight before musing over the idea of them eventually becoming friends.

"Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!" he added.

In the first comments on Mr Trump's visit by a North Korean official, a Pyongyang foreign ministry spokesman said it was a "warmonger's visit for confrontation to rid" North Korea of its self-defensive nuclear deterrence, the state-run KCNA news agency reported.

"There (sic) always playing politics - bad for our country".

'Whether it is arms, whether, whether it is cyber-crime, whether it is drugs they are constantly raising money to finance their nuclear program, ' Mr Turnbull said.

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In a series of tweets he also said Chinese President Xi Jinping was "upping sanctions" on North Korea in response to its nuclear and missile programs and that Xi wants Pyongyang to "denuclearize". "But it is certainly a possibility", Trump said. "I asked him again", Trump, who is marking one year since his shock election victory, told the reporters.

"Having a good relationship with Russia's a great, great thing".

The president is visiting China, South Korea and other countries in the region in an effort to get them to help put pressure on North Korea to curtail its pursuit of a nuclear weapons arsenal.

Former billionaire businessman Trump told a gathering of regional CEOs Friday he is open to doing business with Asia - but would no longer tolerate sweeping trade deals he brandished as unfair and harmful to American jobs.

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