IPhone X Face ID Fooled By A Mask

Apple Is Working on 2018 iPad Redesign With Facial Recognition

“In conclusion Face ID on the iPhone X is not as secure as Apple has announced”

Soon after the launch of the iPhone X with Face ID, there were many speculations suggesting that Apple will implement the same technology in the upcoming iPhones slated to be launched next year.

"Nose was made by a handmade artist".

What is intriguing however is that the model used 2D, non-moving representation of eyes which means that Face ID's sensors don't actually need eyes to move. The team did not strive for a life-like mask but built its mask with the aim of tricking the Face ID's depth-mapping technology.

The security firm previously demonstrated back in 2008 that the facial recognition-based authentication in laptops from Lenovo, Toshiba and Asus could be cracked as well.

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On top of this, other iPhone X users have found that the screen suffers with a green line appearing at the side of the display. Just a couple days ago users reported that their iPhone X's display would not work in colder temperatures.

"Many people in the world have tried different kinds of masks but all failed".

"In the future, we might use smartphones with 3D scanning capabilities (like Sony XZ1); or set up a room with a 3D scanner, a few seconds is enough for the scanning (here's an example of a 3D scanning booth)", it added.

Researchers at the security firm Bkav have claimed that they can fool Face ID with a custom-made mask.

The company looks to be pushing their Face ID technology to more devices, starting with the 2018 iPad or iPad Pro, according to insiders familiar with the matter, via Bloomberg.

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According to the firm, the recognition mechanism is not as strict as one thinks and Apple seems to rely too much on Face ID's AI.

However, it does raise security concerns given that the mask reportedly cost about $150 (£114) to create. "It was even simpler than we ourselves had thought", Bkav said.

ANZ NZ head of digital and transformation Liz Maguire said: "iPhone Face ID is fantastic technology that will transform the way iPhone X users access online services - including mobile banking". The tech giant says that while the facial recognition system is intended for convenience rather than absolute security, it's less vulnerable than its Touch ID predecessor - though testing has shown that the system generally works, but has a number of faults and unexpected behaviours.

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