Colin Kaepernick is 'citizen of the year — GQ

Colin Kaepernick named by GQ as one of their Men of the Year

Colin Kaepernick named by GQ as one of their Men of the Year

It's November, and that means numerous media outlets will be starting to look back at 2017 and all of the events and people that shaped the year and drove discussion.

Man Arrested After Uber Driver Attacked With Hockey Stick Crashes, Dies
Police are reportedly investigating the role the hockey stick blow played in Tolk's death. Police say the incident began late Saturday night.

Colin Kaepernick hasn't played a single game this National Football League season, but the quarterback earned a highly coveted accolade away from the field as one of GQ's people of the year, the magazine announced Monday.

Denton apartment floor collapses, 50 residents displaced
Carly Carroll, who lives in the apartment right below were the party occurred, said she just moved in three months ago. Damage visible from the outside after the floor collapsed at a North Texas apartment complex during a party.

Durant, who earned his first National Basketball Association title after joining the high-powered Golden State Warriors last season and was named MVP of the Finals, is Champion of the Year, while Colbert, who remains outspoken about politics and President Trump, is the magazine's Bad Hombre of the Year. But Colin Kaepernick's determined stand puts him in rare company in sports history: Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson-athletes who risked everything to make a difference.

Does Sex Really Trigger Cardiac Arrest?
New research has shown that people who have a heart attack during sex are more at risk of dying than at any other time. Cardiac arrest occurs when electrical impulses in the heart become so chaotic that the heart suddenly stops beating.

In Kaepernick's cover story, "Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be Silenced", GQ editors write that the free-agent quarterback wanted to contribute to the article and helped connect the magazine with 10 of his friends and confidants. He declined to be quoted for GQ's story, which instead includes interviews with singer Harry Belafonte, rapper J. Cole, director Ava DuVernay and former teammate Eric Reid, among others. On GQ's December cover, Kaepernick wears all black with a gold chain and an unapologetic Afro to accentuate his revolutionary look. "I'm prepared to do anything it takes and whatever steps I can to support him if this insanity continues". One of the Men of the Year.

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