Angry customers crawl through McDonald's drive-thru window because of McNugget order

The women got angry when the manager told them they would have to line up again. Source Getty Images File

The women got angry when the manager told them they would have to line up again. Source Getty Images File

Two women exited their vehicle to climb through a drive-thru window at a McDonald's in Indianapolis and attacked the store manager after a disagreement over chicken McNuggets, police told PIX11 sister station WTTV. She says that all she wanted was a coffee and a snack for her daughter.

"I was like, "This can't be happening in front of me right now", she told an USA radio show. When the manager said they had to reorder, chaos erupted. If you see the video, you can see me trying to hide behind the wheel.

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The women then climbed back out of the drive-thru window and sped away, never receiving any McNuggets.

Police are looking over video of the incident. But the next morning her phone refused to stop rumbling across the nightstand as people called and texted, trying to find out about her early-morning run-in with the McNugget maulers.

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Cellphone video taken by McNeely showed a silver vehicle and a scuffle in the drive-thru window.

The women then fled in their vehicle without their McNuggets. They then climbed in the drive-thru window, knocking over a basin full of tea and a tablet register before assaulting the manager. The manager told them they didn't order McNuggets, and he reprinted their receipt to ensure they didn't pay for McNuggets.

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The manager said they asked him if they could place an order at the window, and the manager told them they would have to drive around and order at the sign board. However, police have not announced any charges.

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