Sabyasachi becomes the captain of the house

Bigg Boss 11 Not Bandgi Kalra THIS contestant becomes the new captain of house

Bigg Boss 11 SHOCKER: Sabyasachi Satpathy becomes new captain of the house [VIDEO]

Vikas and Sapna believed that it was Hina who asked Luv to stare inappropriately at Arshi. The boys have to run through various hurdles and reach a point where in their respective partners clean their face thoroughly, and whichever pair completes the task in least time will be declared the victor. Priyank Vikas what happiness this will give him. Stuck in a prison with Benafsha and Hina, he lets out his inner diva. Hina spoke with Benafsha Soonawalla about her chemistry with Priyank. Hina called Vikas a "dictator" and said: "yeh mere saath nahi chalega". The task was this week's much-awaited captaincy task. But that's not all that happened - Hiten Tejwani revealed that he also has a stomach for fights while Shilpa and Vikas are the new best friends. Bigg Boss gives Sabyasachi a right to get one of the jailed members out.

A Twitter handle called Bigg Boss Newz posted a throwback video which shows Akash Dadlani singing at the top of his lungs.

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In the bathroom, Bandgi cries in front of Puneesh for losing captaincy task. The jailed contestants talk about Akash and address to him as a "Kekda" Sapna gives her egg to Sabyasachi.

In the end, Bigg Boss announces Sabyasachi as the new captain of the house and gives him the power to unlock one contestant out of the jail. Vikas even went to prison to convince the three inmates to hand over their egg. When both Vikas and Arshi do not stop targeting Luv, Priyank finally tells Vikas to stop it. However, Hina gets angry and tells Bigg Boss to release them too. Arshi started irritating Hina again and the TV star started shouting.

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Akash and Arshi won the task and he takes the Man of the Series award.

Then, in the house, Hina and Arshi get into a fight.

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Sabyasachi, Akash and Bandgi were the final three contenders in the luxury budget task and as a result of that three of them were given a nest each and was asked to put eggs into it. In the first phase, the men had to cross three obstacles and their partners would clear their face. Whoever did it in the least amount of time would emerge the victor. They jump into the pool to celebrate.

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