IBM researchers achieve 50 qubit quantum processor prototype

IBM researchers achieve 50 qubit quantum processor prototype

IBM researchers achieve 50 qubit quantum processor prototype

Jonathan Breeze, a research fellow working on advanced materials at Imperial College London and not affiliated with any of the companies developing quantum computing, said that practical applications of quantum computers will depend largely on being able to reduce the error-rate in their calculations. Only a year and a half ago, we put the IBM Q experience prototype 5-qubit machine in the cloud, and made it available for the world to use, explore, and learn from.

"We are really proud of this; it's a big frickin' deal", Dario Gil, who directs AI and quantum computing at IBM, told MIT Technology Review.

At the IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing in Washington D.C. on Friday, IBM announced the development of a quantum computer capable of handling 50 qubits (quantum bits).

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IBM also pointed towards its growing quantum computing ecosystem. These machines process information in a different way from traditional computers, using the counterintuitive nature of quantum physics. IBM Q has seen over 60,000 users running over 1.7 million quantum experiments, in addition to producing over 35 third-party research publications.

I continue to be amazed and inspired by the ecosystem we have built over the past year and a half, and I believe there is much more we will do through the development of QISKit, the quantum information software development kit. As this toolkit improves, both through our own contributions, and those of the open-source community, our rate of scientific and technical progress as a community will grow alongside it. These properties would theoretically give a quantum computer vastly more power than a conventional machine.

The ultimate goal of quantum computing is a fault tolerant universal system that automatically fixes errors and has unlimited coherence.

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"I use the IBM Q experience and QISKit as an integral part of my classroom teaching on quantum computing, and I can not emphasize enough how important it is". IBM Q scientists have now expanded QISKit to enable users to create quantum computing programs and execute them on one of IBM's real quantum processors or quantum simulators available online. The second investment made by the CME Group Inc.'s venture arm ever made was in 1QB Information Technologies Inc., a quantum-computing software company in Vancouver and backed by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

As for just how good these quantum computers are at modeling molecules, that's something Chow wants the IBM Q-clients to test, he said. "IBM's team is fantastic and it's clear they're serious about this, but without looking at the details it's hard to comment", he says. Google has offered science labs and artificial intelligence researchers early access to its quantum machines.

GOOGLE HAS teamed up with entirely honest German vehicle maker Volkswagen to explore ways in which Google's quantum computing technology can be applied in the automotive sector.

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This ground-breaking work demonstrates it is possible to solve interesting problems using near term devices and that it will be possible to find a quantum advantage over classical computers. Founding members include Samsung, JSR, Honda, Hitachi Metals, Canon, and Nagase. Whereas classic computers encode information in regular "bits", represented by ones and zeros, quantum computers encode information in "qubits", which can be ones, zeros or both at the same time.

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