Woman accused of cooking roommate's pet ferret in oven

Ivana Clifford 26 of Manchester is accused of burning her roommate's ferret to death

Woman accused of cooking roommate's pet ferret in oven

Firefighters cleared the building and found the ferret.

Officers arrested Clifford, who told them she killed the pet in revenge for Murray stealing her clothes, but Murray says Clifford baked Angel to death because the ferret nipped the woman.

Once police had spoken with the two permanent residents of the apartment, they had "gathered enough probable cause to arrest Clifford who was charged with one count animal cruelty", according to the New Hampshire Union-Leader.

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During court appearance, Judge Gillian Abramson told Clifford, 'These allegations display a profound sense of sadism. Police also said the 26-year-old woman told them she is pregnant and didn't think her roommate should have a ferret because of that.

Investigators say the incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning (8 November) when Murray and her boyfriend awoke to the sound of the smoke alarm and saw heavy smoke inside their apartment.

Murray says there was smoke pouring out of her even before they discovered that Angel was dead.

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She added: "To lose a ferret, it's like losing a kid or family".

Murray said she believes the attack was planned because the ferret is young and still "nips". Murray tearfully told NBC 12 News. "I will not release her to the Elliot or Catholic Medical Center". If Clifford posts bail, she is not allowed to return to Murray's apartment, reports CBS Boston. Murray said, "I don't understand why she would do such a thing".

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