To offer mobile service in southwestern CT

To offer mobile service in southwestern CT

To offer mobile service in southwestern CT

Altice USA, the nation's fourth-largest cable company, is teaming up with Sprint, the nation's fourth-largest wireless network, in order to create a new wireless carrier. Financial terms were not disclosed. The latter will employ Sprint's network to give its subscribers access to wireless voice and data.

The traditional MVNO (a tortuous acronym if ever there was one) is better understood as a Wholesale/Retail arrangement where the retailer (the MVNO) undertakes to build and manage its own back end involving billing, marketing, customer help and the rest of it, essentially buying network capacity from the "real" mobile network operator and selling it under its own brand. Charter's wireless service is expected to arrive in the first quarter of next year.

Major internet outage hits Comcast users across the US
A number of internet service providers appear to be down today across the country, from California in the west to NY in the east. Less than 10 minutes later, Comcast's official support account said the issues were resolved for "almost all customers".

Cable operators may see bundling mobile service with cable and internet offerings as a way to reduce customer churn as they continue to lose pay-TV subscribers to cheaper alternatives such as over-the-top services.

US cable companies have begun venturing into the wireless market as a way to bundle more services to reduce churn, or customer defections, at a time when more consumers are canceling cable subscriptions. However in a Monday press call, Sprint CFO Tarek Robbiati said the carrier will leverage Altice's service footprint across 21 sates to deploy "thousands of small cells". "Sprint is a critical part of our plan to ensure that we can deliver our vision to American consumers and we are very confident in its future".

BMW issues recalls for fire risk, recommends parking outside
The firm said that if the wiring experienced an extreme amount of heat, it could cause the electrical connectors to melt. Repairs are to begin on December 18th, 2017, and certain 3 Series models are included in both recalls.

This isn't Altice's first foray into wireless though, as it's a subsidiary of Altice NV, which has more than 26 million mobile customers in countries including France, Portugal, and the Dominican Republic. This particular MVNO partnership goes deeper than the typical agreement - instead of just using Sprint's service, Altice is being embedded deep into Sprint's network.

Deion Sanders goes scorched earth on ringless Tony Romo
Without your gentle trash talk, I never would have been able to see a Royals catcher get a Primetime crotch to the head. Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott leaped over Peters and that led Romo to say: "Peters doesn't want to tackle".

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