Piers Morgan Slams Texas Attorney General As 'Brainless Moron' After Church Shooting

   VERY DERANGED Trump believes the Texas shooter had'mental health problems

GETTY VERY DERANGED Trump believes the Texas shooter had'mental health problems

Mr Morgan, a tireless campaigner for tighter gun control laws in the U.S., was furious by Texas Attorney Governor Ken Paxton saying the "only way to stop mass shootings" was for "more people to take guns to church".

Trump said it was fortunate that another person on the scene had a firearm, otherwise "it would have been much worse".

It's the same line the National Rifle Association has been pushing since the Newtown shooting in 2012, when the group's executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre, said, "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun", NBC News reported.

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Dr. Jackie Campbell can provide comment on the growing evidence of the link between those who commit mass acts of shooting and their prior history of domestic violence.

Trump was also criticized by Morgan after regarding the Texas massacre as a "mental health problem".

Mr Morgan also attacked gun rights activist John R Lott Junior after he defended America's gun control laws on the show. Like presidents before him, Trump is finding his own way of confronting the type of mass gun violence that is unique to the United States among other wealthy nations.

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He added: 'How many people were killed by guns in Britain past year? You're incapable of answering simple questions'. The reason America's gun homicide rate is 25 times that of similar countries is because we have a gun problem. "Now is the time for us all to stand up, hold our elected officials accountable and demand changes to ensure unsafe people do not have ready access to guns". "This was a very, based on preliminary reports, very deranged individual". A very, very sad event, but that's the way I view it'.

He said: 'I agree with the president that this is not a guns issue.

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