Overzealous fan gropes Harry Styles

Getting involved In a clip posted to Twitter the curly-haired singer was seen kneeling at the front of the stage and fist pumping with those on the front row

Harry Styles' fans trend #RespectHarry after star is groped during concert

The incident took place when he was singing his hit "Kiwi" at the Hollywood Bowl during the "We Can Survive" Concert to promote breast cancer awareness, reported Us Magazine.

The ex-One Direction-er was performing at the We Can Survive Breast Cancer benefit concert in Hollywood on Saturday night when he chose to treat his front row to a close-up sing-a-long - walking right up to the front and ducking down to sing to his fans.

Some fans are calling the incident a "sexual assault" while others have demanded more respect for the singer.

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Styles goes to kneel by the edge of his stage beside his fans, and amid the arms touching him, several hands can be seen grasping at his crotch.

He bats away the fan's hands away and continues with his performance, as seen in the below video posted by a concert goer to Twitter.

Former One Direction member's fans are appalled.

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It shouldn't have to be repeated, but groping people without consent is assault.

"I don't like Harry Styles but y'all touching his crotch isn't ok", one fan commented.

Styles hasn't responded to the incident, but many are weighing in on social media.

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