OnePlus 5T renders show front and rear design

OnePlus 5T launch soon

OnePlus 5T renders show front and rear design

It was recently revealed that the OnePlus 5 is completely out of stock in most markets around the globe, including the USA and Europe, prompting the smartphone maker's CEO, Carl Pei, to admit that demand for the device has been higher than expected. This is happening for the first time, if it is true, to the OnePlus device that the fingerprint has been moved to the back side. On the front, however, there's an-all screen design that will make you think of the Galaxy S8.

That's the phone many OnePlus 5 buyers would have probably wanted this summer.

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That doesn't mean there won't be more stock coming along, but it's more likely that we'll see a OnePlus 5T - said to be modeled after the OPPO F5 - come along soon.

The company released the OnePlus 5 with dual rear cameras after other Chinese brands like Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi launched their own smartphones with similar camera capabilities. The "T" version of the respective flagship gets launched in the last quarter of every year. It was speculated that the phone will be launched in the month of November, but that turned out to be fake.

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There's a bigger display on the front with slightly rounded corners that make a for an nearly bezel-less appearance. If the organization's history is any sign, OnePlus 5T or OnePlus 6 will launch at some point in later year. So the only thing that OnePlus can update right now is the screen design.

Until now, there have been a few leaks of this supposed upgrade to the OnePlus 5 flagship from the Chinese smartphone maker.

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Also, let's not forget there's always a chance that we're looking at forged photos. The trade-off on this, however, is that it's not clear if the OnePlus 5 will be produced again, meaning users may be in for quite a wait until the OnePlus 6.

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