Hina Khan becomes new captain, upsets Benafsha

Puneesh Sharma Bandgi Kalra

Bigg Boss 11 contestants Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalratwitter

To this Sabyasachi adds that Arshi was the most lazy of all.

The singer says that her only aim is to get maximum mileage on television and meet superstar Salman Khan. Arshi is seen making fun of Hina for the poses she's using for yoga. Every Friday, a new captain of the house is chosen through the captaincy task and while it is a rule to follow the captain's orders, some of the housemates seem to be thinking otherwise. The housemates vote for Hina and Sapna to become the captains. But the main problem here is that only two contestants can be nominated.

Benafsha did not want Hina to be the captain as she hated her over-confidence. When Bigg Boss asked house contestants to name the participants for the captaincy, they took the name of Hina, Sapna and Benassi's names. Benafsha looks unhappy with this decision. Also, during Vikas's captaincy, Vikas had blackmailed Puneesh Sharma and said that he would nominate him if he didn't do the domestic chores of the Bigg Boss house. After the barbaric act, Hina was quite upset and said that she won't speak with Arshi during the show. The contestants inside the container were supposed to put the sand out of the containers.

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The representative keeps throwing the sand out of the container. And the person who chose the contestant inside the container would win the task.

After the captaincy task ended, Sapna lashed out at Vikas for his involvement in the task. Sapna feels Vikas was dishonest and he was only depending upon strategies.

Popular reality show Bigg Boss season 11 is in it's third week and a lot has aready happened in the house.

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Based on the nominations this week, Hina Khan, Sapna Chaudhary, Akash Dadlani, Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi have been nominated for eviction this weekend. Benafsha accuses Hina of forcing her views on others.

A source told the publication, "On the occasion of Diwali, the makers wanted to spread happiness and thus decided that no one will get eliminated this week".

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