#MeToo Campaign Empowers Victims of Sexual Harassment to Speak Out

Men are tweeting #HowIWillChange in response to #MeToo

#MeToo Campaign Empowers Victims of Sexual Harassment to Speak Out

Not that I feel warm and fuzzy seeing women come out en masse to share their horror stories - well, other than Mayim Bialik - I do have a odd sense of pride watching the story unfold, as women are being so open, bold and truthful. One in five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, and almost half of lesbian women, almost half of heterosexual women and three-quarters of bisexual women report being the victims of sexual violence sometime in their lives. "And there are countless others who are unsurprised at the vast number of people in their lives who share this experience". It's in the workplace at every level.

Celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Debra Messing, and Lady Gaga have posted to social media two words, which many are calling powerful, "Me Too". "Who decided it was women's job to fix men?" "One big one is that retaliation often accompanies harassment", Goss Graves said. "Now they will be able to stand and be empowered and say 'this is not okay'".

But now, while people are expressing support and admiration for the women who came forward, some want to shift the focus from the typical victims of sexual assault - women - to its typical perpetrators - men.

So even as "me too" posts flooded social media, friendly reminders cropped up as well: No one is obligated to share their story if they don't want to.

Harassed a couple times in the workplace, assaulted several times elsewhere. Within hours, hundreds of thousands of social media users had done just that.

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[Sandrine Rousseau, a former leader of the French Green Party and leading advocate for victims of sexual harassment] said "Expose Your Pig" was a good start, but words needed to be translated into action and successful legal cases remained rare.

But the Post-ABC poll shows that most don't hold much hope that those who are victimized will find justice.

"But the other aspect is that the trauma that you've experienced is now becoming an element of the national conversation, so something that you, as an individual, have experienced that was a really hard experience is now becoming a feature of everyday conversation", she said.

Of the women who have faced harassment or abuse at work, 52 percent say they were left feeling humiliated.

Lucash said the campaign may leave many women feeling raw about their own experiences.

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"[It] struck me yesterday that if every woman we know has experienced it, then every man we know has done something or covered for his mate", Law said.

That emotion was echoed by many of those leveling accusations against Weinstein.

Brewer added sexual assault happens to both men and women and can happen on a daily basis. "This way of treating women ends now". Indeed, it is hard for all of us to accept how numerous men we know that may have committed acts of sexual aggression.

"I've been exposed to it for nearly eight years now, so I'm at the point where it nearly doesn't bother me", said the bartender. The survey included an oversample of women resulting in 740 interviews, with the final sample weighted to the share of men and women in the US adult population.

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