Catalonia faces pressure over independence decision

More warns that neither the CUP nor the ANC chair the Govern

Rajoy sets deadline for Catalonia's leader

The European Union, according to Enric Folch, the worldwide secretary of the Catalan Solidarity for Independence coalition, would be the choice of "common sense" since Catalonia and Spain are now members of the eurozone, and independence would remove Catalonia from its membership.

The words of Mas arrive after CUP has sent a letter to Puigdemont in which it asks proclamation of Catalan Republic, in same line that was expressed on Thursday ANC.

"If we believe that independence is simply proclaiming Republic is that we do not know reality", he said, and has added that Catalonia faces a hard-to-gnawing bone that costs much to influence global opinion.

The Catalan leader made a symbolic declaration of independence on Tuesday night, only to suspend it seconds later and called for negotiations with Madrid.

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This was followed by "Any other White background" (9.5%), non-Chinese Asian (1.7%) and "other incl. mixed background' (1.5%)". The average overall age of members was 40.3 years, almost three years above the average for the general population.

On Oct. 10, Puigdemont said Catalonia had won its right to be independent from Spain because of the result of the referendum. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has rejected any possibility of dialogue unless Puigdemont backtracks, returns "to legality" and takes independence off the table.

About 2.3 million Catalans - or 43 percent of the region's electorate - voted amid police violence to halt the referendum.

Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, the deputy prime minister of Spain, warned that Madrid would do everything that was necessary to bring law and democracy back in case Catalonia proclaimed its independence. Catalonia said 90 percent favored secession and it declared the results valid.

But Spain's deputy prime minister says that investment in Catalonia is falling and, citing industry sources, she said that the tourism sector in the regional capital, Barcelona, has seen business drop between 20 and 30 percent in the past month.

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The Congress always emerges back; whenever people can think that they can finish it off, the Congress always emerges successfully. Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today reached Valsad to join the Gujarat Gaurav Yatra .

Saenz de Santamaria accused Puigdemont of "seriously damaging Catalonia's economic stability".

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is appealing to Spain's separatist Catalonia region not to declare independence as it will only encourage other regions to break away.

The aims of the two countries may also be too different, now that there seems to be no way that Spain will allow Catalonia to even preserve any previous autonomy it may have had, according to the politician.

"They don't understand this is a political issue, not a legal one", Enric Pineda, the chairman of the Pirate Party of Catalonia, said.

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He said in Luxembourg that he "wouldn't like a European Union that in 15 years consists of 98 states".

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