Secure The Bag! Pizza Hut Introduces Limited Edition Pizza Parka

Pizza Hut new pouch will deliver pies 15 degrees hotter

Yum! Brands Pizza Hut draws on outer space to keep delivered pizzas warmer

Pizza Hut is presenting a new delivery system with a triple-insulated pouch that will keep your pizzas 15 degrees hotter while traveling from the store to your home.

Both the Parka and the delivery pouch combines 3M Thinsulate Insulation thermal technology, used in winter jackets, with a PET Aluminum Radiant Barrier, a material usually found in Astronauts suits. The pizza box itself features thicker sides to keep heat from escaping and the pizza in place throughout the delivery process. Most people wouldn't necessarily get excited about a new type of pizza insulation, but when you promote the new technology with an accompanying awesome apparel product, you tend to get more press. The delivery system is being updated as well and, using an algorithm, can account for things such as weather, construction, traffic, and other irregularities in the delivery pattern.

Michael Jordan Donates $7 Million To Build Medical Clinics In Charlotte
The clinics, projected to open in late 2020, are created to serve some of the city's densest areas of poverty. Last year, he condemned police shootings of African Americans.

Along with a new box and the pizza chain's commitment to hiring 14,000 more drivers are all aimed at delivering customers the hottest pizza possible.

It didn't stop there though. But you can enter to win one by ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut online or through its app. Will the iPhone X's Face ID work through the clear smartphone case on the left wrist, ostensibly there to let you order pizza in the cold?

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The annual edition publishes in January.

Xolo Era 3
In terms of camera capabilities, the Xolo Era 3X sports a 13MP rear and front camera with LED flash on both the sides. The Era 3 bring 5-megapixel cameras at the back section and an 8-megapixel camera is seen occupying the front area.

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