Pornhub users hijacked by malvertising campaign!


Getty ALERT Porn Hub has been hit by a malware attack

According to the vice president of threat operations at Proofpoint, Kevin Epstein, the large scale of the KovCoreG group's malvertising attack meant that millions of users were exposed to harmful ad fraud malware.

Millions of users of the world's most visited adult content site have been tricked into downloading malware onto their computers.

If they clicked through their machine was infected with Kovter, a highly persistent malware which in this case was used to commit ad fraud. These ads redirected the users to a scam website that was advertising a fake browser update scheme. The infection chain in this campaign appeared on PornHub and abused the Traffic Junky advertising network. The downloadable files were JavaScript (Chrome, Firefox) or HTA (IE, Edge) files that installed Kovter.

Getty CYBER ATTACK The hack has been going on for a year it has been claimed

Having been notified of the malware activity, this particular avenue of attack has now been shut down by PornHub and Traffic Junky, but not before, as noted, millions of surfers have already been hit.

Attacks on pornography sites are particularly useful for cyber-criminals, as many users are unlikely to report issues on sites such as this as they would rather keep certain elements of their browsing habits private.

With the help of malvertising, the use of online advertising to spread malware, hackers hijacked advertising platforms to deliver fake browser updates for the three most popular Windows browsers. They said that "malvertising impressions are restricted by both geographical and ISP filtering".

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SECURITY FIRM Proofpoint has posted about a recent malvertising attack on top 25 website Pornhub that could have caused masturbators some sleepless nights. Epstein also commended the website and advertising network for their incredibly swift response following the notification from Proofpoint.

"This discovery underscores that threat actors follow the money and continue to ideal combinations of social engineering, targeting, and pre-filtering to infect new victims". "Clickbots" could even be installed to interact with ads online.

Despite the fact that this attack was limited to click fraud, Proofpoint experts warned that an attack of this kind can easily be modified to become a ransomware or data theft Trojan attack.

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"This discovery underscores that threat actors follow the money and continue to flawless combinations of social engineering, targeting, and pre-filtering to infect new victims, Proofpoint added".

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