NASA astronauts successfully completed the 2nd spacewalk of October series

Space Station Astronauts Taking Spacewalk Today Watch It Live

NASA astronauts successfully completed the 2nd spacewalk of October series

"I have a little bit of adrenaline going on right now", Mr. Vande Hei said as he got to work more than 400 km above Rio de Janeiro.

NASA astronauts took another spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Tuesday, this time to grease the robot arm's new hand. During next spacewalk on October 18, astronauts will replace another old camera nicknamed "Old Yeller" that is tinting images yellow.

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Spacewalks are done by the astronauts for fix and maintenance of the International Space Station.

Astronauts Randy Bresnik and Mark Vande Hei exited the International Space Station airlock Tuesday for the second of three spacewalks planned this month. The first spacewalk was successfully completed on October 5, by both Bresnik and Vande Hei. Actually, the latches, or hands, are located on each end of the Canadian-built robot arm, and they are used to grab the arriving United States cargo ships and also enable the robot arm to move around the orbiting lab.

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With Nespoli operating Canadarm2 from inside the space station, Vande Hei will use the foot restraint to "stand" on the robotic arm and reach a group of high-definition cameras that he'll replace.

Rob Navias, the NASA spokesman, described the latest installation of HD camera as providing "new eyes" to the space station. The October 18 spacewalk will mark the third of Acaba's career. EVA will be performed by Randy Bresnik and Joe Acaba and will cover lubricating parts of LEE grappler, regulations of brackets and rollers, replacing DEXTRE fuse and removing cover from Main Bus Switching Unit.

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Thursday's spacewalk lasted for about 6 hours and 27 minutes and was completed successfully.

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