Iconic Dust2 map is coming back to CS:GO after revamp

A Dust II rework is coming in the next CS:GO beta update

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting a refined version of Dust2

Valve said that with the new version of CS:GO's Dust 2 "we wanted to honor its pure form while buffing away the jagged edges". However the most contentious part will be fan consensus on the next map to get a dust off.

Now that the Dust II remake is confirmed, it's time for the CS:GO community to speculate what changes Valve created during the map's nine-month hiatus from the Active Duty map pool. The map preview teased new map textures, a color change to the skybox as well as green palm trees, blue tent sits, and a painting of dusty concrete buildings. Design layout changes have now eliminated dark spots on the map that once concealed hiding enemies. It will now be much less of a hassle to utilize this technique during play on this map. Valve has also adjust some of the map's geometry, removing or relocating objects that could obscure line of sight or interrupt movement. It also teased that beta players would gain access to it first, with it being the next map added to the testing version of the game.

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The broken down auto on the site has been moved to make it easier to get behind, the famous "window" looking down on the middle of the map has been widened, while the section of tunnels that approaches the bomb site has had parts of the roof smashed away so that more light floods in.

With all of the map updates, Valve has also made a decision to treat fans by overhauling the villains of Dust II, the Leet Krew.

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Dust II is available for testing for all CS:GO owners, and users can opt in for the beta through their Steam library.

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