We can AI, too: Skype gets integrated Cortana to enrich conversations

Microsoft brings Cortana to Skype

Microsoft's Digital Assistant to be made available for Skype on iOS and Android

Major companies are now concentrating more on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Assistant.

AI assistants have become a large part of the smartphone and PC experience over the last couple of years, and the ever increasing competition in this space has led to a lot of improvements across ...

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All you need do is add Cortana as a Skype contact - currently, only if you're in the U.S., running Skype on Android and iOS - and Redmond's not-at-all creepy service will scan your text conversations, run it through its AI and offer its suggestions.

The integration seems like it could be occasionally handy, though I've never found similar chat assistants to be all that useful; usually, they offer to do things I don't want or would rather just do myself. The suggestions include movie reviews, restaurant options and smart replies.

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As shown in Microsoft's FAQ for the service, once you've okayed Cortana to access your texts and location she'll suggest appropriate responses in chats ... If you have something on your schedule that you are chatting about with a friend in Skype, Cortana can also recommend setting up a reminder for that event. If someone asks you to do not forget to do something, Cortana will offer to set a reminder on your phone.

Cortana will now appear as a permanent contact in every Skype user's contact list.

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Skype is the most used video calling application across the world and the Cortana integration makes it even better.As of now, the integration is only live in the United States and will be gradually rolled out to other regions.

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