IPhone 8 Glass Back Replacements Are Very Expensive

Customers stand in line to purchase the new Apple iPhone 8 at an Apple Store in San Francisco. AFP

Customers stand in line to purchase the new Apple iPhone 8 at an Apple Store in San Francisco. AFP

The Apple TV 4K also announced with 4K HDR support and the new Apple Watch Series 3 which is also making headlines all over the entire technology world. Despite disgusting initial sales, there's likely to be a rush to buy up charging stations and IKEA - Sweden's most famous non-idiot export - is pulling a comfortable, flat-packed chair up next to Cupertino's money avalanche. That was not an uplifting news for many individuals as they may break the glass back effectively and it will cost them more cash.

According to Engadget, the iPhone 8 is missing those vital components, so Apple is throttling speeds down to 400Mbps.

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Above all else, you should have an Apple Care+ membership, at that point your iPhone will be qualified as repairable by Apple for a long time. Screen fix costs $29 and other damage costs $99 as part of that allowance. Yes, we are talking when you drop your all-new glass phones like the iPhone 8 Plus or Note 8 that cost at least $800, and you shatter either the backplate, the screen, or both. Furthermore, they have added some more words if your phone is damaged very high with a couple of accidents.

Want to find out how this year's iPhone stacks up?

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The iPhone 8 can tear through the competition with its A11 Bionic chipset, putting even notebooks to shame in this process.

Singapore consumers will generally prefer to get the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus at a subsidised price with a telco contract, said Kaur.

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iFixit is back doing what it does best - tearing into the latest Apple products to get a better look at what the newest premium devices have to offer. It only cost me £10 and I use it every day when driving. For more updates, stay tuned with us.

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