Madman Kim to be tested like never before, says Donald Trump

North Korea says it may test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean after US President Donald Trump threatened to destroy the country, whose leader responded by promising to make a "mentally deranged" Trump pay dearly for his threats.

The statement will further escalate the war of words between the adversaries as the North moves closer to perfecting a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike America. The crisis dominated the Trump's debut at this week's annual U.N. General Assembly meeting.

CHANG: And a final jab - Kim said Trump was a dotard. Trump issued the warning of potential obliteration, and mocked the North's young autocrat as a "Rocket Man" on a "suicide mission".

It would give North Korea's opponents little opportunity to intercept or prevent the ICBM, unless the missile was aimed at waters or land around Japan, Guam or the mainland U.S., all stated targets of the regime.

The latest insults between Trump and Kim come as Trump expands the Treasury Department's ability to target anyone conducting significant trade in goods, services or technology with North Korea and to ban them from the USA financial system.

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Abe, through a translator, echoed the president and said that pressure must be applied on Pyongyang "in a robust manner".

Trump's executive order expanded the Treasury Department's ability to target anyone conducting significant trade in goods, services or technology with North Korea, and to ban them from interacting with the US financial system. Because the USA president was speaking publicly on the world stage at the U.N., Kim thought he'd resort to "stereo-typed, prepared remarks a little different from what he used to utter in his office on the spur of the moment". "Tolerance for this disgraceful practice must end now".

President Donald Trump unveiled the new measures as he met with the leaders of allies Japan and South Korea, even as key players China and Russian Federation voiced unease with his more aggressive approach. That development was reported by Reuters Thursday.

Kim Dong-yub, a former South Korean military official who is now an analyst at Seoul's Institute for Far Eastern Studies, said Kim Jong Un's statement indicated that North Korea will respond to Trump with its most aggressive missile test yet.

A day after Trump's address, North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho had likened Trump to a "barking dog", saying his comments were no threat to the North. He characterized Trump's speech to the world body on Tuesday as "mentally deranged behavior".

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He said the executive order will cut off revenue that funds Pyongyang's efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

Moon deemed North Korea's provocation "deplorable", prompting Trump to compliment his word choice.

Analysts say the North is likely to soon achieve its objective of possessing nuclear missiles capable of reaching any part of the US homeland.

Trump said his order gave the U.S. Treasury discretion to sanction foreign banks that conduct transactions tied to deals with North Korea.

The U.S. president vowed to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea, used the nickname "Rocket Man" for Kim, and at the United Nations on Tuesday threatened to "totally destroy" the North if provoked.

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