Trump calls Rand Paul a 'negative force' on health care

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham speaks during a news conference on

Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S.C. speaks about the Republicans’ new health care bill on Capitol Hill on Sept. 13 2017

Bill Cassidy, accusing the GOP senator behind Republicans' latest attempt to repeal Obamacare of "lying right to my face" during a May appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! .

Although conservatives attacked the comic for "politicizing" his son's ordeal, Cassidy seemed supportive.

"States like Maine, Virginia, Florida, Missouri - there will be billions more dollars to provide health insurance coverage for those in those states who have been passed by by Obamacare".

Earlier in the same video, Kimmel points out the demands Cassidy previously said he had and how after analysis has been done on the proposed bill, none of those demands are met.

Jimmy Kimmel calls Sen.

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"A few months ago after my son had open heart surgery, which was something I spoke about on the air, a politician, a Senator named Bill Cassidy from Louisiana was on my show and he wasn't very honest", Kimmel said.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson announced in July that he was working with Republican Sen.

"This bill is being rammed through at the last moment to undermine health care without any real debate", said Stewart.

After breaking down what the new bill entails, Kimmel then urged the American public to get proactive.

Republicans have only until September 30 to use a special legislative procedure known as reconciliation to vote on the bill. "This is keeping Obamacare and redistributing the proceeds". It's called the lie detector test. "You're welcome to stop by the studio and take it at any time", he concluded.

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"I think there is tremendous support for it", Trump said at the United Nations. Individual states will be able to allow insurance agencies to charge more for preexisting conditions.

In a report issued Wednesday, AARP said the bill "could increase premiums and out-of-pocket costs by as much as $16,174 a year for a 60-year-old earning $25,000 annually if they wanted to keep their current coverage".

Mr Cassidy defended the bill, which would divvy up healthcare money as block grants to states, let them opt out of certain Obamacare consumer protections and waive requirements that insurers cover certain benefits.

Speaking on CNN Wednesday morning, Cassidy also argued that "more people will have coverage and we'll protect people with pre-existing conditions".

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