Project Cars 2 studio head explains how EA almost killed the company

Fast & The Furious Game from Project Cars 2 dev

Project Cars developer Slightly Mad is apparently making a Fast and Furious game

In a Q&A stream with SpotTheOzzie on YouTube, Bell talked about the development of Project Cars 2, but also went on record to discuss why Need for Speed Shift never received a sequel. SpotTheOzzie made a decision to take this opportunity to have an impromptu interview with Bell and probably got more juicy details that he expected.

A bout of jet lag and a quantity of booze has seen the boss of Slightly Mad Studios reveal some secrets he probably shouldn't have...

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Then, two weeks before they were supposed to start work on Shift 3, EA cancelled the game and Slightly Mad were suddenly in dire financial straits. "With no warning. They said "We are not doing that anymore". 'They tried to kill us, they tried to steal our technology as well. For the next six years. They tried to fuck us over, there is no other way to put it.

Bell claims that EA tried to then poach staff, steal their technology and ruin the company. "That's what they tried to do.' Bell also referred to EA as 'assholes and corporate monsters" and said that 'the worst person is Patrick Söderlund.' Ouch. A major Hollywood blockbuster title and we have a lot of people working on that (.) and then I can tell you that we have a six-year deal with that major Hollywood company to make games that'll beat what the next Need for Speed is now doing.

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The Project Cars series has since been a successful one, but the company's next game might be even more so.

We have contacted EA for a response to Bell's comments.

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