American ISIS Fighter in US Custody After Surrender in Syria

These children witnessed torture and beheadings while in Raqqa

Video Beheadings and torture A kid's life under IS

The Coalition defers questions pertaining to captured ISIS fighters to their relative nations' Departments of State or equivalent agencies.

Months before their advance, with support from the US-led coalition, the Kurdish-led forces surrounded the city, IS' de facto capital and last remaining major stronghold in Syria.

In Iraq, Manning said, the handover to holding forces in Tal Afar in northern Nineveh governorate is ongoing and Iraqi forces continue counter-ISIS preparations for fighting in Hawija and Sharqat.

Coalition forces were not party to the deal and were opposed to it.

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Both offensives are converging on Islamic State from opposite sides of the Euphrates river - the Syrian army with allied forces from the west and the SDF from the east.

But the SDF recently announced its own push toward the city, "Operation Jazeera Storm", and a group of its fighters have made rapid gains, capturing some 300 square kilometers (115 square miles) from ISIS along the Khabur River, which intersects with the Euphrates River just south of the city.

The current location of the USA citizen has not been released.

REUTERS/STRINGERA loyal ISIS fighter runs around the streets of Syria.

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Trump administration officials have said that there are three viable options today for taking enemy combatants off the battlefield: They can be killed; they can be apprehended and released after a few weeks, which could involve interrogation; or they can be captured and handed over to a third party. "Would he have insight on whether they're sending folks away from Iraq and Syria in a systematic way?"

But while Deir al-Zor city was not an SDF target, Abu Khawla did not rule out the possibility that it may become one, saying people in the city wanted to be liberated from "the regime and Daesh at the same time".

The SDF and Russian-backed Syrian government forces are conducting parallel but separate offensives against IS in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor.

An American citizen fighting for Islamic State in Syria surrendered to U.S-backed forces earlier this week, US officials said on Thursday.

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