Pizza peeve: NY festival charges $75, serves up cold slivers

Attention Pizza Lovers Feast Your Eyes on This Massive 2-Foot-Long New York Slice

New York Pizzeria Serves Up Massive 2-Foot-Long Slices

"It was like the people from Fyre Festival chose to throw a pizza party", quipped Connell Burke about the Pizza Festival, referencing the infamous luxury festival that promised supermodels and Ja Rule and instead delivered disaster relief tents and slices of cheese, and an indefinite stay on a Bahamian island. "It was my girlfriend's birthday so I got the VIP tickets, so I spent $150 total for the two tickets".

That event was postponed at the last minute by a week and moved to the same date at the Pizza Festival - which is not something any properly organized event can do, given that rentals, staff and food should all have been arranged for the original date. And there was none of that...

Photos from a Brooklyn pizza festival. "And then we were just like, 'F-k this'".

TBH, not a lot if said pizza festival ticket set you back $75.

The message did not mention that the State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office has been trying to reach organizers and is asking people who attended the events to file consumer complaints.

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Attendees were promised a "day long celebration of the dough, cheese, tasty sauces and delicious toppings", but they say they experienced anything but that.

A "slice" is practically an entire pizza in itself, you can buy one at any hour of the night and the street drains practically precipitate mozzarella.

"Those pictures don't do it justice", Burke added. And if you look at the Eventbrite page for the festival, there were zero actual vendors listed. "They're small, tiny little slivers of pizza". Instead, attendees took to social media to complain the event was a scam.

"The organizers should be held accountable", they said.

"I'm not going to be planning a pizza festival", Osekre told Gothamist.

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"Those people were sitting, waiting in line to get the burgers that were not there", Burke recalled. "And when they tried to eat pizza, the people were like, 'No, no, that's for the pizza people'". Around 7:45 p.m., organizers posted on the event's Facebook page, "Hi guys, we've been hit by an incredible amount of delays in pizza delivery". A make-up tasting was promised, NBC 4 reported.

"We were hired as a vendor for our furniture and games".

The Facebook event page for the festival claimed during the event that pizzas were not delivered as expected, and asked people not to come for the rest of the tastings. "We appreciate your patience".

Osekre said in an interview with Gothamist that he did not think the event lived up to expectations. I also pray for them, because God will deal with them accordingly.

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