NY outraged over startup that wants to replace bodegas

A Bodega provides goods for residents of an apartment building

Bodega A Bodega provides goods for residents of an apartment building

"The vision here is much bigger than the box itself", Bodega co-founder Paul McDonald told Fast Company.

To buy anything from the box, you will need to use an app and the box's smart technology, which will recognize the items you selected and automatically charge your credit card for them. Thanks to sweeping technological advances, we are now able to complete transactions, communicate, and even bring light to injustices more quickly than our grandparents, and even our parents could ever have imagined.

On the first Thursday of February, New Yorkers were met with an unusual sight: closed bodegas.

Bodegas in New York City and Los Angeles are mostly run by immigrant families, this active appropriation of the Spanish word 'Bodega, ' by these tech bros as they actively try to get rid of bodegas themselves is just the worst thing.

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Not everyone agrees. Some Twitter users even came up with alternate names for the business such as "bro-dega" and "gentrification box". "To compete with bodegas and also use the 'bodega" name is unbelievably disrespectful".

As essential part of living in NY is stopping by your local bodega for a breakfast sandwich, late-night snack or even a six pack.

Bodega owners in NY are already facing an uncertain future. Not likely; according to its website, Bodega wants to partner with "offices, apartments, gyms, and college campuses"-so it's highly unlikely that this concept will replace your corner store". They're going out of business, Garcia said, because of costs including rent, licenses, insurance and fines and the juggling of business mandates, inspections and so on.

And it seems like many on the internet are more in line with Garcia.

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I asked McDonald point-blank about whether he's anxious that the name Bodega might come off as culturally insensitive.

"We want to build a shopping experience that stands for convenience and ubiquity for people who don't have easy access to a corner store", he wrote, apologizing to anyone offended. "My grandfather must be rolling over in his grave right now".

If I do indeed find myself surrounded by vending machines at every turn, I pray that they turn sentient and end my misery by smothering me to death with bags of ranch-flavored Doritos and Nutter Butter cookies. "The intention was to support immigrants".

"I feel that this is going to be a David and Goliath [situation], and we're going to fight it", he said. McDonald says they already have 50 locations set up on the West Coast, with plans to go national soon.

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Several people noted that the startup takes as its logo the cat, a feature of many authentic bodegas that will be absent from the ex-Googlers' high-tech version.

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