Nintendo Switch App Updated to Allow Background Voice Chat

I didn't play it on the bus- chance blown

Nintendo Switch App Updated to Allow Background Voice Chat

Now with a new update, at least this grievance has been fixed.

The Nintendo Switch Online App is now free but will require a subscription of $20 a year in 2018. There's a Nintendo Direct stream happening at that time, and if you're looking to find out the latest on Super Mario Odyssey and some other potential surprises, you'll want to check out the stream.

Not the most hygienic kitchen
Not the most hygienic kitchen

Earlier this week Nintendo announced it would be broadcasting a Nintendo Direct today, Wednesday 13 September. We could also see more of 2018's unnamed Yoshi, Kirby and Fire Emblem games. From their early attempts with the infamous DS friend codes (inexplicably returning to the Switch), to their questionable smartphone app for the Switch online service, Nintendo fans have always been frustrated by the company's "solutions".

Speaking of delayed Switch features, we're still waiting for Nintendo's promised access to classic NES and SNES games on the Switch. With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, however, Nintendo could be changing up its announcement strategy. "Currently ahead of Xbox One for the year (but well behind PS4)".

Almost a million Tampa Bay residents still without power after Irma
Locations without power have been flagged to the state to help utilities prioritize their work, the group said in a statement. Still, he said, it will take days for many people to be restored and, in some cases where the damage was extensive, weeks.

The September Nintendo Direct will take place on 13 September at 11pm United Kingdom time.

While I can't say that I wholly disagree with the dissenters, I have to give Nintendo props for being true to its Blue Ocean approach.

Woman drives 20 miles with coyote 'embedded' in vehicle
It wasn't until Knox reached Calgary that a construction worker told her the coyote was in fact stuck in her car's grill. Knox said she notified Alberta's Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, and officers managed to free the coyote.

Indie developers of the game "Wonder Boy" note that their game has sold more copies on the Switch than on all other platforms combined.

Beyond games it's awesome to think about what Nintendo could showcase during this direct.

Robot takes command of orchestra and Andrea Bocelli in Italy
Italy is famed for the high art of opera and the conductor holds the loftiest position within the accompanying orchestra. YuMi achieved a very high level of fluidity of gesture, with an incredible softness of touch and expressive nuancing.

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