Apple announces new Watch with cellular connection, TV with 4K compatibility

AppleAn Apple Watch the Space Black stainless steel case variant on Apple's online store

AppleAn Apple Watch the Space Black stainless steel case variant on Apple's online store

As well as the iPhone X (expected later) this evening, Apple has announced the new Apple Watch Series 3.

In addition, Kuo also predicted that the cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3 will only support LTE, not 3G connections. That's how they positioned the manufacturer. The Watch Series 3 also comes crammed with a W2 chip that provides faster and more efficient Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

There's also a new Rose Gold colourway, as well as a host of new Apple Watch Bands (including a few handsome Hermés ones).

The upcoming Apple Watch 3 appears to have a similar form to the Apple Watch Series 2, 9to5Mac reported, which suggests buyers can use their bands from previous generations.

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Apple says its Watch will cost from $399 but the celluar model will only be compatible with EE in the UK.

Tim Cook claims that the Apple Watch is now the number 1 smartwatch in the world.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has the potential to extend recent sales gains by boosting the device's functionality, analysts said.

Apple has officially announced the third revision of its Apple Watch smart device at its "Meet at our Place" event this morning. The Apple Watch Series 2 will be reduced in price to $249. Every LTE watch we've used has had a hulking frame that dwarves the Apple Watch's svelte square body, and if LTE makes it too thick or bulky it won't be worth it.

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Apple Music support is coming to Apple Watch Series 3, too, with the full range of 40 million songs available for listening on the device.

Apple Watch can further detect if you have an elevated heart rate when resting, and report on your heart rhythm. Apple introduced the W1 past year in its Earpods and other headphones from Beats, and was a huge improvement over Bluetooth in other devices, the W2 might double down on those advances.

Let us know what you think of the new LTE watches below! Interestingly, the display itself acts as an antenna! Apple is also now beta testing the fourth version of watchOS, which brings new faces, complications, fitness capabilities, and a revamped Music app. The watch offers an 18 hour battery backup.

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