The Fury Of Hurricanes, Storms And Flood

The Fury Of Hurricanes, Storms And Flood

The Fury Of Hurricanes, Storms And Flood

What's the most underreported story concerning Hurricane Harvey?

Due to devastation from Hurricane Harvey at refineries and pipelines in Texas, gasoline prices have jumped.

As a result of Harvey's impact, the Energy Department allowed the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to release 5.6 million barrels of crude oil during the past two weeks.

We're talking about anthropogenic climate change, of course.

Irma brings devastation to Florida; Georgia and Alabama get ready
Dennis Ashley, director of trauma services for Medical Center, Navicent Health. "Florida will get through this", he said. One of the teams was preparing to fly into Key West , directly in the path of the storm .

But, the discussion of the root of this horrifying reality has been subdued.

Hurricane Irma, expected to hit Florida this weekend, isn't expected to have any impact on gasoline prices nationally, Laducer said. "To use time and effort to address it at this point is very, very insensitive to these people in Florida". The Trump appointee said on a Texas radio show that "science should not be something that's just thrown about to try and dictate policy in Washington D.C". In its report Act Now or Pay Later: Protecting a billion people in climate-threatened coastal cities, the charity showed American cities would face the financial brunt of coastal flooding by 2070 with NY coming third with $2.1 trillion.

The White House is praising Congress for acting fast to deliver storm recovery money to people dealing with the aftermath of Harvey.

The National Weather Service issued its first hurricane warnings for Florida Thursday night, warning residents that "preparations to protect life should be rushed to completion".

Hurricane Jose: Track takes weakening storm on an Atlantic loop
At its peak the storm prompted evacuation orders for 6.5 million people in Florida, the largest evacuation in modern US history. Any potential direct hit from Jose wouldn't be until next week, however.

Typical GOP. Only when they are suddenly faced with the costs of the damage from climate change-driven flooding are they finally going to maybe think about bringing up admitting that it's a problem. "This is a truly, truly poster child for what is to come".

With the damage reports rising, a number of media outlets have called out Donald Trump's position on climate change. Pruitt has denied scientific evidence claiming man-made carbon dioxide emissions are a contributing source to global warming.

CNN's Jim Acosta grilled Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert on President Trump's belief on the connection of climate change to hurricanes at Monday's White House press briefing.

Scientists have long said that climate change contributes to extreme weather events like hurricanes, but scientific developments in recent years have allowed them to look with increasing confidence at the relationship between individual events and warmer temperatures.

Coast Guard urges boating safety as Irma approaches
Northern Command said that the military was working through FEMA to support authorities in Florida, as well as in the U.S. President Donald Trump offered the US Coast Guard another unusual compliment on Sunday.

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