Ted Cruz's Twitter Account Removed, Reported: Spokeswoman

It’s Just Past Midnight In America & Senator Ted Cruz Has Liked A Tweet About Porn

By Alex Bruce Smith

The like appeared on Cruz's page for more than an hour before it was eventually discovered and removed. It is now unclear whether the senator or a staffer was in control of the account at the time.

Despite the social media snafu, Cruz tried to make light of the drama.

"This was not how I envisioned waking up this morning", he said.

Cruz added that if he had known this all would trend so quickly, he would've publicized his masturbation habits back during the Republican primary. The Trump-aligned tabloid the National Enquirer not only accused Cruz's father of helping assassinate President John F. Kennedy, they accused Cruz of having five secret mistresses.

Asked by some unknown interviewer about his life's ambitions, the young Cruz pauses for effect, then announces: "Well my aspiration is to, oh I don't know, be in a teen tit film like that guy who played Horatio". We know this for a certainty - regardless of whether he did so again last night, at approximately 12:39 a.m.

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PornHub identified the X-rated actress as Cory Chase.

Others mocked Cruz over the timing of the alleged "like".

It was all very proper, of course.

This was years ago, when Cruz was a clerk on the high court for the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist. "As we watched these graphic pictures fill our screens, wide-eyed, no one said a word".

"Now imagine Ted Cruz is doing this four feet below you in the bottom bunk bed", he wrote.

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Catherine Frazier, the senator's senior communications advisor, tweeted earlier that the offending material had been removed from his account and reported to Twitter.

Many tweeple saw the amusing side of it and Cruz became the butt of jokes online. Later on Tuesday, Cruz told Politico that "someone", not him, had faved the tweet.

The evangelical Christian, who has called same-sex marriage the "very definition of tyranny", accidentally featured a lesbian adult star in a presidential campaign advert past year. However, it is not the first time when he has been linked with sexual or sensual pleasures. This implied that if a person is not into gaining sexual pleasures from illegal sex workers, but from these toys, it is at their own discretion and the State has no reason to intervene. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

The short porno that features a man and two women appeared on Cruz's news feed, it appeared in liked tweets.

"No", he said quietly as he walked away.

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