Security Council votes sanctions on N Korea blunted by Russia, China

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A complete ban on countries selling oil to North Korea has been replaced with a ban on condensates and natural gas liquids. And the State Department has said that it's going to take time for any of these sanctions to have the effect that the USA wants, which is to pressure North Korea back to negotiations.

The resolution, though considered a watered-down version of the US draft, will reduce oil provided to North Korea by around 30 percent, according to the USA mission to the United Nations, and cut off over 55 percent of refined petroleum products going to the country.

North Korea started selling Scud missiles to Iran in the 1980s, and a decade later, it started selling improved Scud missiles to both Syria and Iran.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe quickly welcomed the resolution and warned after the vote it was important to change North Korea's policy by imposing a higher level of pressure.

USA envoy Nikki Haley called them the "strongest measures ever imposed on North Korea" even though they ended up dropping demands for an oil embargo and freeze on Kim's assets. It also called for a travel ban on the two siblings. It might take tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea - something President Moon Jae-in has opposed - to bring Kim to the negotiating table earlier, according to Lee Ho-ryung, chief of North Korean studies at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses. But China said after Monday's vote it supported the resolution.

One company, Velmur, is officially a real estate company in Singapore, but Justice accused it of "facilitating the laundering of funds for North Korea financial facilitators and sanctioned entities", in a complaint filed last month, which notes that Velmur lacks a headquarters, offices and a website, and "bears the hallmarks of a front company".

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"This resolution also puts an end to the regime making money from the 93,000 North Korean citizens it sends overseas to work and heavily taxes", Haley said.

Under the measure, countries are authorised to inspect ships suspected of carrying banned North Korean cargo - but must first seek the consent of the vessel's flag state, limiting the impact.

Earlier, North Korea said it would not accept any chastisement over its nuclear and missile program, which it says is vital to stave off the threat of an American invasion, and threatened to cause the U.S. "the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history", in an official statement.

"Our deep belief is that only a firm reaction of the council can open the path towards a political solution to this crisis".

The previous round of United Nations sanctions imposed on North Korea in August banned the country's $3 billion coal, iron, lead and seafood export industries.

"The choice is theirs", she added.

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Beijing does not believe that sanctions will force the North Korean leader to surrender his weapons.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is "ready to use a form of ultimate means" North Korea's ambassador to the UN, Han Tae Song said without elaborating. The new resolution provides that on the expiry of the contracts of employment of the expatriates.

Al Jazeera's James Bays, reporting from the United Nations in New York City, said that while both China and Russian Federation supported the sanctions resolution, "they made it very clear that they don't believe everything is being done that should be done". "That will not likely change much in the future", he added.

The ministry noted that the resolution was unanimously adopted on September 11 by all members of the UN Security Council, including Kazakhstan, as a response to the sixth and most powerful nuclear test North Korea conducted on September 3.

The global pitch against North Korea's show of nuclear mettle is getting shriller by the day.

North Korea Tuesday condemned "vicious" new United Nations sanctions imposed over its sixth and largest nuclear test, warning it would make the U.S. "suffer the greatest pain" it has ever experienced.

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The original U.S. draft would also have frozen the assets of North Korea's state-owned airline Air Koryo, the Korean People's Army and five other powerful military and party entities.

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