Irma weakens to tropical storm -NHC

Woman Describes Hurricane Irma Effects in Havana

Woman Describes Hurricane Irma Effects in Havana

The city, located on Florida's west coast, was hit by Irma around 5 p.m., and parts of the town are facing significant flooding.

Utility workers from across the country are headed to Georgia to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and some of them are hunkering down at the Macon Coliseum, waiting for word on where to deploy. The system went on to slam the Gulf Coast and, as a downgraded tropical storm, continued to spread record flooding in northern Florida and parts of SC. "I don't have any doubt in my mind that we can support both governors and that as a federal government we can do this and will do this".

Storm surge doesn't just come from the ocean.

Irma, which was expected to cause billions of dollars in damage to the third-most-populous U.S. state, it hit just days after the Houston area was deluged by unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Harvey, which dumped more than 127cm of rain in parts of Texas.

Hurricane Irma 11 a.m. Advisory
Hurricane Irma 11 a.m. Advisory

"Folks, we must take this storm seriously", Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey told a Sunday news conference.

MARTIN: So what's the latest?

Jose is the fifth hurricane in the Atlantic so far this season, and one of three major hurricanes, which are Category 3 or stronger storms.

"We are finding some remains", she told CNN, but did not have a number, Reuters reported. Sheriff Mike Williams warned that the river ― which runs through the city ― could rise 6 feet above normal water levels.

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ALLEN: Well, now, it's a little bit north of Naples, heading toward Fort Myers, another populous area here in Florida.

"It's seen its share of hurricanes", Palmer said.

So there's concern that structures there might not be as strongly built as some of - more down in South Florida. You will notice it will feel a bit warmer and more humid by Friday.

"I will tell you in no uncertain terms - and I am not going to sugarcoat it - this is going to be a hard storm", Buckhorn said at the news conference. And how bad is the damage? And then as it shifted west, a lot of people here kind of relaxed a little bit.

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"It's frightful, what we saw", Scott said.

We now have tropical storm warnings in effect across East Alabama (counties along and east of I-65). "So on Monday, not only are we expecting windy conditions, probably sustained winds of 30, maybe 40 miles an hour with higher gusts".

Brian Entin, reporter for South Florida TV station WSVN, is in downtown Miami and filmed water rising along one of the city's main streets. I would PREPARE by making sure loose outdoor items are secure. They'll be able to restore it, they think, quickly.

Florida Power and Light, the state's major electricity provider, deployed almost 17,000 workers ahead of the storm to assist with restoration. Meanwhile, heavy equipment crews have begun clearing away road and other debris in Florida as cleanup crews fan out with chain saws to remove downed trees and begin taking stock of the extent of the damage.

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MARTIN: That's NPR's Greg Allen joining us from Miami.

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