Honda Urban EV confirmed for 2019 launch in Europe

Honda Urban EV concept to make production in 2019

Honda Motor (HMC) Getting Somewhat Critical Press Coverage, Accern Reports

By 2025, the company plans to equip the motors of two-thirds of the cars.

In a world where auto manufacturers are torn between designing their electric vehicles to look like futuristic spaceships or regular 2017 cars, Honda has thrown out the rule book and gone for something thoroughly retro. - Picture courtesy of HondaFRANKFURT, Sept 12 -The term "all-new" may be overused in the motor industry, but it definitely applies to a model Honda has just unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Getting in an out is also a bit of an event, because the Urban EV concept features rear-hinged oh-so-cool suicide doors.

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The company hopes to have the vehicle in production by 2019. The result, to be fired out and into production in 2019, is the Urban EV Concept by Honda. Length of product is only 3895 mm. Honda says drivers can even display messages for other drivers, which should be a very interesting feature if it finds its way to production.

In the cabin of the electric vehicle installed digital dashboard.

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But there are splashes of tomorrow's tech incorporated tastefully throughout - the front and rear Honda emblems glow with blue backlighting, a giant colour display extends the full width of the dash, and instead of side mirrors there are screens in the door panels to offer views of what's behind. The concept has received four seats, but the production version will be a five.

Some electric vehicle concepts are so futuristic, their looks distract from the tech underneath. Development allows to collect and distribute a charge between the houses, offices and cars to balance the energy consumption. These will begin being installed in France first, during a pilot in the western part of the country with a target completion date of 2020. "And the implementation of our system Power Manager this will help us greatly", explained senior Vice-President Honda Motor Europe, Philip Ross.

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